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Personal Training



Why do I need a personal trainer?

Have you spent countless hours in the gym without success?  Maybe you have tried all the loose weight quick scams and just ready to succeed at your fitness goals. Personal Trainers provide the advice, guidance, a listening ear, motivation, and overall knowledge of what it takes to change your life and maximize your potential to achieve your desired outcomes. However, in order for us to help you, we need YOU!!

Empower yourself to make healthy lifestyle changes through taking effective steps and receiving positive encouragement.  Together we will define your wellness goals and take steps toward achieving long-term success!



You will receive affordable Personal Training in the city of Thomasville, Georgia and the surrounding areas.  I’m a Personal Trainer and a Health and Wellness Coach.  Health and Wellness Coaches provide additional guidance and support so that you achieve your best body as well as your best health.

I offer a FREE initial consultation so you can see what I can offer you. I look forward to finding out how we can work together to improve your fitness and overall wellness.


Personal Training

A one on one workout is tailored to your specific goals, and as you progress, your plan will be developed according to your individual abilities and requirements. Our trainers are experienced in assisting clients in making lifestyle changes. Your exercise program includes exercise program design, nutritional counseling, and a continued re-assessment of your physical goals.

After your intake session to determine your current fitness level and your goals, your trainer will teach you to work with:

Buddy Training

This is a favorite of husband and wives, moms and daughters, or just between friends. This is a great way to enjoy the benefits of working with a trainer and keep each other accountable.


Group Fitness / Boot Camp

Designed to be used in a group setting for maximum encouragement and motivation; a series of aerobic fat burning exercises are performed in 2-4 minute intervals designed to tone, build muscle, and sculpt the body you want.