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Clinical Supervision CAC & CIT



Clinical Supervision is a discipline, tutorial process wherein principles are transformed into practical skills, with four overlapping foci: administrative, evaluative, clinical, and supportive. David J. Powell, Clinical Supervision in  Alcohol and Drug Abuse Counseling


Individual/Group Supervision $250 per month 


Individual Supervision by appointment


Group Supervision - 

1st; 2nd Thursday of each month 6pm-9pm





 GREAT NEWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Counselor-In-Training (CIT)


21 years of age

High School Diploma or GED-Submit Proof of Education

Counselor-in-Training (CIT) Endorsement requires 50 training/continuing education hours that must include Ethics (6 hours)

Applicants must complete contract with a GACA Clinical Supervisor to provide supervision. A contract must be submitted at the time of application and any updates/changes to supervision status (change of CCS) must be updated within 30 days by the CIT applicant.

Clinical Supervision Requirements:


CACI Clinical Supervision (minimum req.) - Individual 24 hours / Group 72 hours - Total 96 hours minimum

CACII Clinical Supervision (minimum req.) - Individual 36 hours / Group 108 hours - Total 144 hours minimum


Certification Requirements CACI -


Contact Hours within the last 5 years - minimum 100 hours.


Certification Requirements CACII -


Contact Hours within the last 5 years - minimum 160 hours.